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Lets talk about climate hypocrisy and carbon democracy…

  Tackling accusations of hypocrisy in the fight to tackle the climate emergency. “Perfect is not the enemy of good” As someone who flies around the world making films mostly on the topics of wildlife conservation, ecological risk and climate change science I’m all too often faced with the argument that my actions in the [...]

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Local Loss in a Global Crisis

For those of us blessed with the natural mediocrity of the British Isles, the challenges of an ever globalised threat from a changing climate are a stretch of the imagination at best. The distant and dry valleys of the Hindi Kush Himalaya register little, if at all, on the radar of public discourse in a [...]

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Wildlife Photographers Kit Bag

‘All the gear, no idea…’ a popular adage in today’s kit rich world of outdoor pursuits. In an article originally written for Love Nature, I wanted to delve into the world of the wildlife photographer and flip the famous quote on its head. Whether you’re up to your waist in mud, employing all of your field-craft to get [...]

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Climate Change – Education through Adventure.

‘How do you think we can save the planet?’ – A question posed to Anturus’ expedition leader Huw James by his American Counterpart and founder of Untamed Science, Rob Nelson. ‘You’re asking the wrong question,’ was Huw’s considered response – ‘The planet will be just fine without us. I think the point is how can we save [...]

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